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We stand out for the accurate choice of the materials, together with the maniacal attention to the processing and the punctuality of the deliveries.

We offer to our customers (private individuals, industries, companies) a wide choice of solutions with attention to quality and the smallest detail:

  • Kitchen surfaces
  • Surfaces for bathroom furniture
  • Table surfaces
  • Coverings for bathrooms and shower trays
  • Counters for coffee bars, hotels, restaurants and trades
  • Coverings for stairs, ornamental elements, flower boxes and windowsills
  • Floors (running floors – customized paving – floors with open veins– inlaid floors)
  • Turned columns


  • bridge cutters to cut the slabs with computerized control
  • profiling cutters for solid wood with numerical control
  • combined machines with water jet and laser detection with numerical control which allow to produce different kinds of elements and also inlaid elements
  • numerical control machines, active for more than 12 years, to mould the items and create slides, grooves, stripes, holes, contours, carvings, low reliefs and much more
  • flanging machines of the latest generation
  • portable cad-cam systems for precision in-situ surveys without creating expensive wooden templates